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I was one of 12%¬†of Americans watching the Superbowl with a computer in my lap. I was checking out my godson Ed’s startup called OrangeSlyce.com–a cool concept that puts a local college spin on outsourcing. OrangeSlyce is using an e-Harmony-ish algorithm¬†to match up Arizona college freelancers with small business owners looking for contractors.

Last night in our Web Technologies class for APOC (Annenberg Program for Online Commnities), I was fascinated by Blake and Jesse’s presentation on Elance, Rentacoder and Odesk. (Great job guys!) The fact that you can hire a web developer or marketeer from the other side of the globe AND monitor his work from your computer is scarily like running a digital sweatshop. Seriously? We’re exporting all this great development work to Pakistan and India when there is so much talent and energy right here in our colleges and universities?

We’re hearing cries of “Shop Local” from our neighborhood retail stores. I’m shouting, “Outsource Local!” and advocate using our smart, motivated U.S. college students. Give them a job and give our economy a boost in the process.

OrangeSlyce is starting out in Arizona and planning to expand into Southern California soon. For the time being, a non-pixelated, face-to-face meeting with your programmer or marketing intern is just a Southwest flight away…


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