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Elena KaganI was shocked to read in the L.A. Times this morning that bloggers and Fox’s Bill O’Reilly are making an issue of Supreme Court designee Elena Kagan’s sexual orientation. Times columnist James Rainey makes some excellent points about how mainstream media outlets such as both Times (New York and LA), NPR and the Associated Press have stayed clear of the story, since they “exercise something called news judgement.”

Will this be what separates the wheat from the chaff in the future? As social media and “liking” overtakes old school balanced reporting, will measured decisions about what is important and what is not even matter?

Liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan is quoted in Rainey’s story as saying “my job is to think out loud. It is not my job to report stories.” REALLY Andrew? Is this the mantra of all bloggers? God help us.

Let’s begin the countdown and see how long it takes before big media outlets jump on the Kagan lesbian bandwagon.

James Rainey’s On the Media column

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