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Who do you really want in charge in Afghanistan?

Rolling Stone writer Michael Hastings has created the kind of stir that political journalists love: his treatise on surly Stan McChrystal changed the course of history. Undoubtably, McChrystal should have done a better job managing his image. Army generals probably aren’t allowed to Tweet, but some Justin Bieber-ish gurglings could have really helped McChrystal, who Hastings described as “a snake-eating rebel, a ‘Jedi’ commander.”

Now, to replace the  “Runaway General,” Obama has appointed Petraeus, who Hastings describes as “a dweeb, a teacher’s pet with a Ranger’s tab . . .”

I don’t understand how we can be upset with McChrystal for dubbing his group  “Team America.”  Seriously?  What would we rather have them called?: “Team Al Queda?” or  “Insurgents ‘R Us?”

Many things about this don’t add up. Troops were frustrated with McChrystal, not because he was a bad-ass, but because he curtailed the use of force.  They weren’t happy that insurgents who didn’t have weapons were assumed to be civilians. McChrystal advocated the creation of a “courageous restraint” medal specifically to protect innocent Afgahan people. Sure, he’s brusque. Sure, he spoke his mind. And, yes, he took care of business.

I’ll take Jedi over dweeb.

Read the Rolling Stone article and make your own assessment.

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